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Snkr Bubble is your one-stop shop for all your sneaker needs. From exclusive pair of Air Jordan 1s to the latest limited editions, we can help you get hold of any sneakers you like. We do not just help you buy sneakers, but we can also assist you with selling them or trading them for a new pair of sneakers. Adding to your luxe wardrobe, we also have high-end watches from brands like Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, among others.

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Sell Jordan, Yeezy, Off White, Nike Dunk and many more brands with us at Snkr Bubble. We assure you a fast process with a quick cash out of your item, whether you want to sell it directly to us or consign it. You can either choose to sell or consign your sneaker with us. Feel free to visit our store or contact us for more information.


Discover the world’s most limited and exclusive sneaker collections in Dubai. Air Jordan, yeezy 350, Nike Dunk, Off White and many more brands can be found right here! We have made sure that all of the sought after brands are available to buy at Snkr bubble, with guaranteed authenticity. Make sure to keep up with the latest trends and visit Dubai’s fastest growing sneaker store!


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The process of selling or consigning your items includes us verifying its authenticity and condition. Once the item is in our possession, we check every single detail of the shoe such as the color, stitching, tags, shape and quality to ensure that the product is 100% authentic before listing it on our marketplace.

Snkr Bubble: The Ultimate Destination for High-End Sneakers in Dubai

Snkr Bubble has one of Dubai’s largest selections of high-end sneakers. We have a variety of new releases, limited edition shoes, and exclusive collaborations. There is no better way to satisfy your sneaker cravings than by visiting us – we have hundreds of styles and designs for you to choose from. Our premium sneaker store is stocked with every flavor of the sneaker-focused brand you can think of.

exclusive high-end sneakers in dubaiAt Snkr Bubble, we are dedicated to providing a shopping experience unlike any other. Our team of experts reviews all of our products so that you get nothing but the best quality product each time. All our sneakers come with original hard boxes and are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

Buy Sneakers from Snkr Bubble

We strive to deliver the best online shopping experience by offering various styles and sizes at unbeatable prices. Our mission is to provide you with the sneakers you love and help contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Sneakerheads cannot get enough of new releases. You are one step ahead with our curated selection of the best in-store and online styles. From Nike sneakers to Yeezy shoes to Air Jordan boots, we have them all! We handle every order with care and deliver world-class service. So, when you purchase a pair of shoes from us, you can rest assured they will last a very long time.

Sell Sneakers with Us

Snkr Bubble is your hub for buying and selling sneakers. With millions of people shopping for sneakers every day, we want to make life easier for you by connecting you with other sneakerheads with the same taste as you. Monetizing your sneaker has never been easier!

Bring your sneakers to us or send them via courier service. We will inspect them and set the best price possible based on their condition and the secondary market’s value. Once the sneakers are sold, you will get the amount credited to your bank account. For UAE residents, we offer payments in cash as well.

Consign your Sneakers with us

List a pair of sneakers on our platform hassle-free. With our consignment services, you can get professional assistance in selling your high-end sneaker at the desired price.

consignment process for sneakersWe will examine the sneaker fastidiously and mutually fix the price according to its condition. We will also specify our reasonable commission and list your sneaker on our website. Our commission will be determined by the selling amount of the sneaker, and you are sure to get the best deals with us! Once your sneaker is sold, we will transfer the amount after deducting our commission via cash, wire transfer, or cheque.

Exchange Your Luxe Sneakers with Us

With Snkr Bubble, you can exchange your sneakers for new ones. When you do so, we send you a brand-new pair of shoes to your doorstep. Our premium sneaker store offers a sneaker trading facility that enables you to switch over your existing sneaker for another one. You can always downgrade or upgrade to a sneaker by paying or receiving the variance amount respectively. We provide the following two options:

Switch to Available Sneaker models

Visit our official website or walk-in store to select any available sneakers and swap them with your existing ones. We will inspect your sneaker thoroughly to quote a suitable price. As per the price alteration between the old sneaker and the new one, you can pay or receive the difference amount.

Place a Request for Desired Sneaker

exchange sneakers in dubaiIf the particular sneaker you are looking for is unavailable in stock, you can seek assistance from our agents. We will help find the ideal person who wants to exchange their sneaker for yours. With Snkr Bubble, you will get what you want without any inconvenience.

Our Assortment of Premium Sneakers in Dubai

Our products are carefully curated and handpicked by our team of experts, who scour the world for the best luxury sneakers and shoes. Our stock is exclusively made up of limited-edition items, and we look forward to providing the newest styles of sneakers all the way to the latest fashion trends. From trendy styles to classic designs, there is something for everyone.

We aim to ensure you get what you deserve — high-quality footwear that you will be proud of. Snkr Bubble’s focus on sneakers helps you find your perfect match without spending hours browsing through endless listings. These luxury sneaker brands are presently available on your website:

Air Jordan

Set up on November 17, 1984, Air Jordan comprises a collection of athletic clothing along with basketball shoes fashioned by Nike, an American company. The first-ever Air Jordan shoe was made exclusively for the former basketball player and celebrated sports personality Michael Jordan in late 1984. The same was made available to ordinary people on April 01, 1985. The Air Jordan shoes were created for Nike by Bruce Kilgore, Peter Moore, and Tinker Hatfield.

Apart from having a status symbol value, Air Jordan sneakers are made with top-quality materials, such as full-grain calfskin. Similarly, the boot-style uppers are created with supreme leather, giving the feel of luxury to the ones wearing them. Another reason contributing to these shoes’ popularity is the added cushioning for optimal support. Air Jordan’s premium sneakers are accessible in sporty color combinations and styles to complement your refined fashion taste.


Founded in 1964, Nike was formerly titled Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. It is an American multinational company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, United States. It deals with designing, developing, engineering, and global sales and marketing of sports apparel, footwear, equipment, accessories, and services. This top-notch corporation sought inspiration for its name from Nike, also reminisced as “The Greek Goddess of Victory”.

The sneakers by Nike offer hi-tech cushioning for maximum support and comfort. Nike Air was one of the most iconic inventions by the brand that utilizes pressurized air in the flexible yet study membrane for delivering a lighter cushioning to the wearer. The air compresses upon the impact and is instantly restored to its original volume and silhouette. Nike Air’s product line revolves around casual sneakers to high-performance shoes for basketball and running.


This brand is a fashion association between Adidas, a German sportswear firm and Kanye West, a renowned American personality, entrepreneur, designer, and rapper. Its first-ever shoe, named Boost 750, was launched in February 2015. This collaboration garnered the spotlight for its high-end and limited-edition sneakers with innovative colorways under the sneaker’s lineup of Yeezy Boost. Besides luxury sneakers, Yeezy has also created track pants, shirts, slides, jackets, socks, lingerie, women’s shoes and slippers.

The Yeezy sneakers are incredibly coveted and influential amongst the masses as they are made with Adidas’s trademarked polymer material “Boost”. This material contains pellets which are meticulously compressed and shaped to fit the diversified sneaker models that Adidas sells. The pellets contain TPU or proprietary thermoplastic urethane, molded into tiny pill form. Adidas has worked with BASF, a German chemical company, to develop this unique material to offer unmatchable comfort.

What makes us stand apart in the sneaker segment?

True to our name, we specialize in serving all of your sneaker needs. By offering delivery across the globe, it has never been easier to shop from us from anywhere! We offer products from a variety of brands and styles. Our selection of most limited sneakers is exhaustive, so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

exclusive sneaker collectionSnkr Bubble’s customer service is second-to-none when it comes to finding the right product for your needs and providing professional advice on quality items – so you can buy with confidence. We provide our customers with an unbelievable value when they come to us. There’s no reason not to shop with us – because we give you more than what you pay for.

We only offer 100% authentic premium sneakers at attractive prices. From brand-new to pre-owned sneakers, your purchase will always be secure and reliable with us. Snkr Bubble also offers you multiple payment modes to facilitate the transactions conveniently and safely in no time. We take pride in providing the following perquisites to our esteemed customers:

Broad-Ranging Collection of Premium Sneakers

Worried about finding the perfect sneaker? We have got you covered. Snkr Bubble is your destination for premium, top-of-the-line sneakers. Being a premium sneaker store, we have a wide selection of sneakers for every personality to find their perfect match. Find the right pair of kicks to suit your style.

Our online store offers a wide range of styles, colors and sizes, all at competitive prices. Snkr Bubble makes it easy to get in on the sneaker game. Our collection comprises luxury sneaker brands like Air Jordan, Nike, and Yeezy. Besides, the inventory changes daily, so you can always find what you are looking for, no matter when you need it!

Get What You Look For

If the sneaker shoes you want are not listed on Snkr Bubble’s website, our team will go the extra mile and arrange the same for you. The process is pretty straightforward too! All you need to do is inform any of our agents about the sneaker requirements. Our team will source it from our expensive sneaker connections worldwide.

Unappalled Customer Service and Assistance

We give our best to keep all the customers contented with their experience at Snkr Bubble. Whether you buy or sell sneakers, our dedicated team works meticulously to offer the best possible service and assistance. From selecting the suitable sneaker to facilitating the deal, our experts are always at your service.

Whether selling, trading or consigning premium sneakers, you will never have to worry about a thing. What makes us stand out is our professionals’ eye for detail. They carefully analyze every sneaker that comes in for certifying quality and authenticity. You can stay assured of getting the 100% original sneaker from us.

We Are the Pioneers in Consignment

Apart from being a status symbol accessory, the sneakers have a sizable market value associated with them. Snkr Bubble thrives on the motto that every customer should get the best value out of the expensive sneaker. To make it happen, we also offer consignment services to bring you the value-for-money deal in the universe of pre-owned luxe sneakers. Under the consignment service, you can sell your sneaker by getting it listed on our website. Once the sneaker is sold, we will deduct our stake of commission which is pre-specified and credit the remaining amount to you via your preferred mode of transfer.

Secured Transactions with Unswerving Payment Gateways

With our secure transactions and unswerving payment gateways, you will never get a nasty surprise while shopping with us. We assure buyers that their purchases will be 100% risk-free and worry-free with our secure payment options. Without a doubt, our customers are in control of their purchases from start to finish. Feel safe while making transactions online.

Hassle-Free Delivery at Your Doorstep

When you buy sneakers from Snkr Bubble, you get 100% guaranteed, hassle-free delivery. Simply pick your style, choose your size and purchase your sneakers online, and we will ship them right to your doorstep. Shopping for your most sought-after sneaker from the comfort of your space has never been so effortless with us.

Attractive and Competitive Deals

We provide quality products at affordable prices while giving a generous return policy to our customers. Browse hundreds of the latest, best-selling sneakers and find the perfect pair at a fraction of the cost. We also have great deals that only get better from day to day, so keep your eyes open for the new ones!

When it comes to pricing, our premium sneaker shop fetches the most competitive deals. The secret behind this is the comprehensive inspection of all the sneakers by our experts to derive the accurate value as per the present product condition. Our pricing is unbeatable in the entire segment of pre-owned premium sneakers across Dubai.

The History and Evolution of Sneakers

The sneaker is a modern-day classic, a fashion staple and an accessory with endless customization possibilities. The history of sneakers dates back to the late 18th century, when shoes with rubber soles, known as plimsolls, were widespread amongst the masses. Yet, one significant issue was that the plimsolls were not made distinctively for the left or right foot. Afterward, a U.S. Rubber Firm came into the limelight in 1892 with rubber sneakers having a comfortable sole and canvas-style design, known as Keds. The production of these sneakers skyrocketed in 1917.

How sneakers have evolved over the yearsIn 1917 again, Marquis Converse created the one-of-a-kind shoe crafted specifically for basketball, which became famous as Converse All-Stars. Further, in 1923, Chuck Taylor, an Indiana hoops celebrity, promoted the shoes, and they got famous as Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Not to mention, they became the best-selling shoes for basketball.

The international evolution of sneakers took place in 1924 when Adi Dassler, a German man, made a sneaker named after him, i.e., Adidas. Unarguably, it became the most sought-after brand for athletic shoes worldwide. Jessie Owens, a track star, donned Adidas sneakers at the 1936 Olympics, where he bagged four gold medals. Adi Dassler’s brother, Rudi, commenced another sports shoe firm, which he named Puma.

Emphasizing the first half of the 20th century, the use of sports shoes was limited to playing sports only. Nevertheless, kids started wearing these shoes as a symbol of a fashion statement in the 1950s. Following the same trend, many teens joined the cult of sneaker shoes after James Dean wore them in the movie “Rebel Without a Cause”.

Yet, the sales of most limited sneakers hiked sizably in 1984, when Michael Jordan signed a contract mandating him to wear Air Jordans by Nike. It was one of the most popular sneakers made to date. Despite Jordan’s retirement from the NBA, his premium sneakers dominated the shoe market.

Many companies like Reebok, Adidas, and Nike gave each other tough competition. They reinvented the traditional sneakers by adding a wilder color palate and experimenting with laces. Since then, sneakers have been used for versatile sports, such as cross training, walking, and skateboarding.

How to Buy the Sneakers from Snkr Bubble?

To make our customers’ experience hassle-free, we follow a straightforward and swift process for purchasing pre-owned sneaker shoes in Dubai. Explore our collection of premium sneakers and click the “buy” option. You will be redirected to our payment gateways page, where you have the select one as per your choice. After completion of the payment, you can either get the sneaker delivered or picked up from our premium sneaker store.

All our transactions are private and secure; we never share your personal information with anyone. Our checkout process is fully transparent and works seamlessly across all major browsers.

Explore Our Jaw-Dropping Collection

Browse through the latest styles from some of the hottest brands and retailers in the industry. Check out our collection of sneakers in various colors, types, and sizes to find something that suits you. We work with only the best manufacturers in the industry to provide you with the quality, reliability and on-time delivery that you deserve. Our new on-site collection makes browsing our vast inventory more accessible than ever.

Assess the Product Details

The website of our premium sneaker store comprises all the essential details and pictures given on the listing page for every expensive sneaker. It will help you pick the one that fits your style preferences and sizing requirements aptly.

Choose the Sneaker that Reflects Your Personal Style

Get your hands on your favorite sneakers with our easy-to-navigate online marketplace. Snkr Bubble lets you filter by gender, shoe type, price, and color when browsing our unique database of premium sneakers. After browsing through all the premium sneakers available on our website, consider your size and add the product to the cart.

Finish the Transaction

To make your shopping experience at Snkr Bubble as easy as possible, we have streamlined the process with a single-click checkout process that provides you with everything you need for a quick and smooth transaction.

Snkr Bubble offers versatile payment methods to place your order. You can complete the payment through a debit card, credit card, or net banking. Alternatively, we also accept cheques and wire transfers. Our agent will guide you through the process. All purchases go through the secure payment gateway so you can shop confident that your purchase is backed by a trusted company.

Once your order is confirmed, we will initiate the shipping process to deliver your pair of most limited sneakers via our reliable courier partners.

Selling sneakers with us

Do you want to monetize your premium sneakers? Snkr Bubble will aid you in getting the appropriate buyer for it. The process is pretty simple: visit our official website and enter all the crucial details regarding the sneaker. Our team will examine the product and quote the best-projected price for it. Here is the procedure:

Fill in the Required Details

If you wish to sell sneakers, visit our website and provide all the significant credentials related to the sneaker, such as brand name, model, serial and reference number. In addition, enter your name and contact particulars as well. Submit clear pictures of your sneakers, and our agent will reach out to you.

Quality Analysis

The next step is to ship the sneaker via courier assistance or bring it directly to our premium sneaker store in Dubai. Snkr Bubble’s professionals will assess the sneaker comprehensively to conclude a justifiable market value according to the sneaker’s current condition.

Get the Payout

After harmonizing on a mutually-agreed price, Snkr Bubble will credit the sum to your bank account. You can also wish to receive cash upon sneaker selling if you reside in UAE.

Consign sneakers with Snkr Bubble

Our premium sneaker store offers a consignment facility that allows you to sell sneakers online at an attractive price. We will get your sneaker listed on our online marketplace for a reasonable commission. This method works best for the ones contemplating selling their sneakers at a decent price without hurries. Here is the complete process if you want to consign sneakers:

Provide the Complete Product Details

Visit the consignment page and enter the essential details like your name, address, and contact number alongside details of the sneaker such as brand name, model, serial and reference number. Besides, click a few pictures of the sneaker and submit it. When our concerned department at the premium sneaker shop is notified of your consignment request, our agents will contact you.

Meticulous Assessment of the Sneaker

You will get two options: bring the sneaker to our store or deliver it via courier service. Our team will conduct an in-depth inspection of the sneaker for quality and performance assurance. Based on our examination, we will derive the optimal market value of a sneaker according to its present condition.

Listing the Sneaker on Our Online Marketplace

Our team will get the sneaker listed on our premium sneaker store website mentioning its essential specifications and specified value as per the secondary market.

Reimbursing the Payment

As soon as we receive the payment from the sneaker’s buyer, we will deduct our mutually pre-specified amount of commission. Subsequently, Snkr Bubble credits the remaining sum to your bank account. For the UAE residents, payment in cash mode is also available.

How do we ensure the authenticity of sneakers?

Sneakers are a hot commodity in the fashion industry. With the increasing popularity of sneakers, it is vital to ensure you get your hands on original sneakers. Whether you are a sneakerhead, designer, retailer or just someone who loves shoes, it can be hard to tell the original from the fake.

Certified by our expert team of sneaker enthusiasts, we make sure your sneaker has been inspected to the highest standard possible. With quality at the forefront of every single item, you can be confident that your sneakers are authentic and have been reviewed by knowledgeable individuals to ensure they meet our high standards. Here is how we guarantee the authenticity of premium sneakers.

Original Brand Packaging with Paperwork

We start with visually inspecting the sneaker’s box, label, and packaging to confirm its authenticity. After that, we will open the sneaker’s box to examine the shoes themselves to make sure they are real. Our experts will inspect your shoes for original packaging and paperwork and confirm the authenticity of your purchase. Our sneaker experts will also check the sneakers’ serial numbers against our database of previous reports from other users to verify that they are legit.

Look for the Hologram

The hologram will be present on the inner side of the shoe, and it will have a number in it, which will help identify its authenticity. All the premium sneakers by Snkr Bubble have their own distinct holograms. Some brands like Nike also embed 3D trademark designs on their sneaker shoes.

Observe the Sneaker Thoroughly

Our experts take a closer look at the label inside the shoe. The label should contain information about who made it and when, as well as information about where they were made and what materials were used.

Check for Any Inconsistencies

We look at the sneaker’s stitching, design, and construction and check for visible defects or flaws. If there are any, it implies that the sneaker is not made by a reputable company. The original brands listed online at our premium sneaker shop always manufacture their sneakers with consistent design and high-precision shoemaking engineering.

Get the History of Your Sneakers

We are constantly updating our database with hundreds of sneaker types, so you can always find out whether your sneakers are authentic or not. We also have an extensive archive of old sneakers that we will help you discover. Whether you buy, sell, or consign sneakers with us, Snkr Bubble’s motto is to deliver 100% original and world-class quality output to you.

Luxury watches in Dubai

It is not only sneakers where we stop, but we also deal in premium high-end watches. Elevating your experience, we have timepieces from brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, and Cartier, among others. While you will find most of the popular watches listed on our website, you can also choose to request a particular watch that you are looking for. We will arrange any timepiece for you from our connections all over the world.

Already own an exclusive collection of watches? We can either buy them from you or help you trade them for the one you have been wanting to get your hands on. In a nutshell, Snkr Bubble can also serve all your needs when it comes to high-end timepieces.

Why are premium sneakers becoming desirable?

The segment of premium sneakers is plummeting because of the growing demand for high-end, stylish footwear. The key reason for the growth of this market is the consumer demand for quality and exclusivity. Luxury sneakers are becoming a status symbol that consumers can show off to their friends and peers. They are also used as an investment product to produce income from their resale value.

nike sneakers in dubaiWith the rise of new design trends, such as minimalism and streetwear, premium sneakers have become desirable to a broader range of consumers. Let us explore some prominent reasons premium sneakers are becoming the most looked-for fashion accessory.

The Athleisure Cult

Generally, sneakers are made with innovative and first-class materials to offer more comfort to the feet. Owing to the athleisure trend, people are wearing sportswear to work and in their off time. Athleisure is a fashion trend that promotes comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Thus, from walking to running, sneakers are always in demand.

Stylish Aesthetics

Premium sneakers have a sleek aesthetic appeal, often accompanied by playful colors and patterns. These shoes are designed with the latest fashion trends in mind, so their design is always up to date. They also provide superior cushioning, which makes them perfect for people who want to be on their feet all day long.

Made with High-performance Materials

High-end sneakers use high-quality, durable materials such as leather, suede, and mesh for maximum comfort. They offer support, traction and flexibility for better performance in various sports such as basketball, soccer, running and more.

Things to consider before you pick an expensive pair of sneakers

Many people are into sneakers. Some people like to buy fashionable, high-performance shoes, while others go for more practical ones. Sneakers are a fashion statement, an expression of individuality, and a way to express yourself. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which sneaker is best for you.

Purpose of Purchase

First, you need to know what type of sneaker you want. Are you looking for comfort and support? Or do you want something that leaves your feet feeling fresh after every run? Some people buy sneakers for everyday use, while others may buy them for sports or fitness purposes. Decide for which purpose you need the sneakers, and then shortlist the available models from our premium sneaker store.

Comfort-driven Fitting

The most important thing when buying sneakers is comfort and fit. If the shoe does not feel good on your feet, it is not worth it. You need to find out what type of sneaker you need and then match it with your foot. Measure your feet in centimeters and inches, take note of any special features on the shoe, such as laces or straps and try on different sizes until you find one that fits perfectly.

Material and Longevity

When you buy a pair of sneakers, assess the material. It needs to be durable and hold up well even after lots of wear and tear. You also need to consider the longevity of your sneaker purchase – how long will it last? Some sneakers are made with leather, others with synthetic materials, and some with a combination of both. The materials used will determine how long your shoes will last before they need to be replaced.

What makes sneakers a masterpiece?

Sneakers are not just shoes; they are fashion statements. Sneakers are often a reflection of the person wearing them. Whether it is Nike Air Force 1s or Adidas Stan Smiths, sneakers can be an important part of your wardrobe and style statement.

A perfect sneaker is comfortable, stylish and has the right fit, and it should also have the right colors and designs to match your personality and style.

Here is a table explaining how the prices work for these masterpiece sneakers in Dubai and worldwide.

Sneakers Retail Price Secondary Market Price Value Change (in percentage)
Nike SB Dunk High “Hawaii” AED 440 ($120) AED 1,286 ($350) +192%
Air Jordan 4 “University Blue” AED 827 ($225) AED 1,653 ($450) +100%
Air Jordan 4 “lightning” AED 808 ($220) AED 1,837 ($500) +127%
Supreme x Nike Dunk Low “Stars” AED 404 ($110) AED 4,409 ($1,200) +990%
Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker AED 404 ($110) AED 2,366 ($644) +485%

The sneaker resale market is growing each year. It will continue to expand over the coming years. 2020-21 proved that even a pandemic cannot stop this trend and 2022 looks set to build off last year’s momentum with a plethora of highly-anticipated releases.

Sneakers 2021 Price 2022 Price Value change (in percentage)
Air Jordan 1 Highs $500 $700 +40%

These sneakers are a classic and timeless piece that every fashionista would love to have. But the price tag is not something that everyone can afford. The prices of these sneakers also increase on the retail front. The classic sneaker has become a luxury item, which makes it hard for some people to buy them.

These masterpiece sneakers are often seen as status symbols because they are expensive and hard to come by.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sneakers

Which is the best sneaker brand?

Currently, Nike is dominating the sneaker market with its huge variety, exceptional partnerships as well as limited edition shoes.

How much do sneakers cost in Dubai?

The average price of a sneaker from brands like Nike and Adidas is around AED 329. But as you go for more premium options that are exclusive or limited, the price can go up quite quickly from there.

Where can I buy Jordan sneakers in Dubai?

All your sneaker needs can be fulfilled at our store, Snkr Bubble. You can buy all exclusive and limited edition sneakers from us.

Why should you buy expensive sneakers?

Buying sneakers such as Air Jordans, Yeezys, and others are seen as an investment. Exclusive and limited edition sneakers go up in value as they are admired by collectors. Also, they look class-apart and can be used for a very long time. 

Which is the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold?

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans was the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold. Made out of solid 24k gold, the shoes were sold for a jaw-dropping sum of 2 million dollars.

Can I sell my sneakers in UAE?

You can sell any premium sneakers online at Snkr Bubble and get the best possible price.